DIY Felt TV Pennants

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Trend Report: felt pennants are having a moment. There’s a bar in Brooklyn that is covered with them. There’s just one problem-  the only team I like enough to hang their pennant on my wall is the Dillon Panthers from Friday Night Lights.

So I made my own. I threw in a Gilmore Girls and Buffy the Vampire Slayer version too. The best part is they are super simple to make- it took me about 2 hours start to finish. Click on the link below to download the step-by-step DIY and get crafting!



  • A ruler that measures at least 17 inches
  • Scissors (one pair for fabric, one for paper if you’re fancy like that)
  • Our printable pennant patterns
  • Pins
  • An iron
  • A handkerchief or thin cloth for ironing
  • 9″X12″ piece of double sided fusible webbing
  • 9″X12″ accent felt for letters + edging
    • Dillon and Sunnydale- gold
    • Stars Hollow- red
    • Dillon- blue
    • Sunnydale- maroon
    • Stars Hollow- white11″X17″ felt for Pennant
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