Mid Winter Mood

February 10, 2016 , In: Moodboard , With: No Comments

It’s right about this time of year that I begin to question my steadfast love of east coast living. Four glorious seasons and all that (poop emoji) quickly loose their shine when your face is being pummeled by icy winds as you walk to work. The silver lining is that winter has always been my season for cozying up and plotting how I’m going to take over the world. All that dryuary clarity creates a life improvement snowball that can’t be stopped. I’m experimenting with a new POV for this mood board. It’s not just pretty things- it’s things I’m actually living, buying, and doing. Send love if you like it!

Clockwise from upper left:

  1. On point life motivation from The Crafted Life
  2. My forever mood: Mary Blair
  3. The Desire Map is currently changing my world- full review coming soon!
  4. Power bowls, abundance bowls, grain bowls– I’m basically throwing away all my plates
  5. Embroidery in the wild
  6. Obsessed with my new cat mug from artist Kyungmin Park
  7. Has anyone been to Kit and Ace? I went the other day and dropped some major $$$
  8. My friends have formed a weekly Banana Skirt meet up
  9. Currently considering becoming a crystals person.

Stay warm friends!


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