New Year, New Me…ish

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Like most humans, I enter each New Year with a renewed sense of purpose and determination for this to be “the year of the Megan.” The best way to kick it off? Dry-uary!

Every January, my NYC crew quits booze for 31 days. It’s stunning how easy it is to pull off when everyone you “grab a drink” with is doing it too.  Dry-uary puts many things into perspective. The obvious being how much all New Yorkers drink without even thinking about it. The less obvious is how easy it is to spend hours with the ones you love not drinking if you just think about it for two minutes. Already I’ve got plans for a Ciara dance class (you’re welcome world!,) a Tarot + Tea party, and a healthy chili potluck- none of which involve alcohol and all of which sound way more fun than being hungover in my shower.

The funny thing is, I never drank in college. Like, ever. I barely drank in my early 20s either. Then, I somehow got sucked into the NYC pipeline, where if you’re not drinking in social settings you are basically a serial killer. Is this peer pressure? Is this an excuse? I have no idea. But I really like red wine.

We’re 6 days in and I’m riding that Dry-uary high. I’m meditating, working out, eating healthy, and swearing off booze for the rest of my life. Considering Grease Live (starring my favorite Canadian) premieres January 31st, I doubt I’ll be sticking 100% to that sober thing come February, but WHATEVER. This is the year of the Megan!

If you’re curious, here are a bunch of (not preachy) articles about how laying off drinking for a month- or two years- is great. Shout out to Chris for the links.

Those Dry January People May be On To Something The Science of Us

What I Learned by not Drinking for Two Years Chicago Tribune

I Quit Drinking for a Month- & These 12 Things Happened Refinery 29

Happy New Year!

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