DIY Gift For Guys (and Girls!): The Best Crochet Hat Pattern

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I’ve had a go at many handmade gifts, but my most successful present of all time is this simple unisex beanie. It’s super functional and has that perfect amount of slouchiness for channelling your inner Johnny Depp.

This hat is also endlessly versatile and great base for pompoms and embellishments. I’ve got two more posts coming up on how you can take this hat to the next level for the ladies. Stay tuned for more!

I’ve provided a pattern for three different brim variations. If your’e looking for the most basic “dude hat,” go mid brim. The tall brim is quite dramatic.

This is a great first project if you’re new to crochet. You just need to learn one stitch- the single crochet. There are some fantastic video tutorials on how to crochet that I’ve linked to throughout the pattern. Happy hooking!



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