Walking with The Martian- an audiobook review

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I’ve lived in the East Village for the past 8 years and I love it. The restaurants, the weirdos, the Tompkins Square Dog Run. Love it. Love it. Love it. Living here has had one major lifestyle shift though- every subway is a million miles away.

East Village Map

A pretty map. You will notice no subways. Photo Cred: NY Times

Like any sane person, I have mixed feelings about physical exertion. On the one hand, I want to love walking. I want to experience the great outdoors, absorb my surroundings and slow down a bit. On the other hand, Uber.

While I’ve come a long way on my love of commuting via foot and pedal (I will save my passionate ode to CitiBike for another time), the one thing I truly miss is sitting on the subway and reading a book.

It turns out; you can’t read a book while walking. You can, however, listen to one! Plain and true- Audible has changed my life. While reading words on paper will always be my first love, listening on my phone has become a small price to pay for keeping up with my ever-growing book list.

I tend to switch off between business/self-improvement books and yummy novels every couple of months. Lately, I’ve been on a major space kick, ignited by one of my favorite new listens- The Martian by Andy Weir.

Random AT-AT because it’s awesome. You wish you had one.

The Martian is the story of Mark Watney, an American astronaut who gets accidentally abandoned on Mars and has to figure out how to survive on the off chance that someone might come back for him. While it sounds super serious, it’s actually a really simple and moving story about human ingenuity and using your greatest resources- your mind, your attitude, your sense of humor- to survive.

The narrative switches between entries from Mark’s irreverent audio journal and following the crew on the ground as they try to bring him home. The use of audio journals is a great device, emphasizing his desire to be remembered and the loneliness of having no one to talk to.

The plot moves quickly and keeps you wondering what’s next until the very last minute. It’s funny, it’s emotionally powerful, it makes you want to help your fellow man. Read it. You will like it. Pinky promise.

They made a movie starring Matt Damon that looks fantastic. It’s coming out October 2nd, so start reading kids! Act now for your chance to smugly mention “the book was better” to your colleagues and friends!

Also- trip to Cape Canaveral? Who’s in?

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