Late Summer Mood

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Late September is one of my favorite times of the year. It’s the perfect combination of glorious weather, long sleeves, short shorts, and getting back to bizzness. A few things that have been keeping me inspired…

Fall colors and textures

Clockwise from upper left:

  1. Yarn + Lil’ Pipes. My life in texture.
  2. This entire house tour. Pink and golds forever.
  3. SHEEPS!!
  4. My style spirit: elevated camp crafts.
  5. Let’s go here.
  6. Inspo for days.
  7. Would KILL to be a Saipua fall apprentice.
  8. Loving this pattern- potential embroidery inspiration.
  9. This is the my first fall with a coffee habit. My life will be this chic at all times.  Photo: Collin Hughes


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